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Do you often find yourself congested or lethargic?  When you and your family are feeling less than par but do not understand why, then your air quality is likely to be one of the factors at play.  We can clean and clean our homes, but that does not mean your air is going to be as well.  There are many different reasons why your breaths are not as clean as they could be, but there are a few steps we must take to make it just a little bit easier.

Tabletop air filters seem like they would be an easily accessible way to get things done; there are so many products out there with different features and they all seem to make fantastic claims.  But the truth is that although many of the companies that manufacture these products say that theirs is the best, many are not only a waste of money but a waste of time too.

The primary reason that table top air purifiers waste your time and money, is that they simply do not have enough power to move the air sufficiently for purification.  When a room is not being constantly used, we do not notice all of the dust and debris present.  But when people and pets are involved in the picture, they move around, agitating their surroundings which releases dust from the surface into the air.  

Often, table top models lack the power to pull in air from all corners of the room, to be circulated into the filter.  Many also use poor quality filters that miss the dust particles that carry things like mold, viruses, droppings, etc. that can make you get sick.  They say that they can eliminate something like 99.9 percent of dust particles, but when companies make these types of claims, it is only for larger sized dust.  

Even if you decide to splurge on a high-end air purifier that can cost even more than a grand, then you have to worry about the additional costs in replacement filters that are absolutely necessary for regular maintenance.  Which brings us to another point about a vast majority of commercial air purifiers.  Although they may claim to be cost-effective, the fees that can accumulate from keeping your unit in running condition are often not clear until we are left regretting our purchase.  And don’t fall for the gimmicks of ionizers when they can only attract as much dust as a television screen would.

The Air-Purifiers-Superstore is here to offer an alternative solution that works right along with your current HVAC system.  If you already have an energy-efficient Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning unit, then installing a high quality furnace filter and running our HVAC should be the right fit for you. Why not work with your current system that already forces air through the building, rather than buying a product that resembles a glorified fan?  When you consult those with experience in fresh air, you will not be disappointed with the results.